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PassionEdx Foundation - Spreading Joy of Learning

We are a non-profit organization (CIN: U80901GJ2020NPL118398, License No. 122216) that works for the betterment of education by expanding the understanding of a learner in a variety of academic and non-academic subjects. In today’s age of technology, a sea of information is available to every learner, however, appropriate help in processing and prioritizing can improve the understanding and love for the subject. We want to reap the benefits of technology without losing an opportunity to communicate. Therefore, we have developed an online platform which helps a learner find an appropriate educator, communicate the details and learn with live video communication between the mentee (learner) and mentor (educator).

Our ultimate aim is to support education irrespective of financial status. We teach all the students (elite and underclass) who are willing to learn. We accept donations from those who can afford to pay and pass them on to needy people for the basic requirements and to facilitate learning ( Members of our team are helping us to identify deserving candidates and make sure that they are being supported appropriately.     


To create a community with a passion for life-long learning and critical thinking


Making personalized quality education accessible and affordable for everyone 

Who we are?

A passionate group of educators (mentors) wanting to give back to society by utilizing their skills developed over the years. All our experienced mentors work as volunteers and help students learn and love the subject.

What do we do?

We provide affordable mentee-centric guidance in many different academic and non-academic subjects to interested mentees (age group - 12 years onward up to graduate and postgraduate level irrespective of geographical location and financial status). To overcome the limitations of the location where the mentor and mentee are, without losing the personal touch, we arrange online synchronous sessions, either regularly based on the curriculum or for a specific project /problem solving depending on the mentee’s requirements (available learning opportunities @PassionEdx). 


A mentee can search for mentors available (on the website) for the subject of interest and put up a request for arranging a session (Request a session). Once the session is decided on a mutually convenient day and time, it will be displayed on the website, where other similar interested mentees will have the option to join (with agreement from mentor and mentee). 


Online, you can get the required guidance in the comfort of your home without wasting time and energy by going from place to place. Mentees must have a computer, a stable internet connection and a peaceful place to sit without getting distracted.


We provide one-to-one (or small group) live video communication between mentee and mentor (against pre-recorded videos) where the mentee can discuss their problems freely with mentors and can experience active learning.

* We are not an online Tuition class. We are a group of volunteers working for the betterment of education in the global community. Please visit for photo updates.


"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do."  

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